Non Ferrous Materials

Not only do we offer metal products for your houses, industries, companies, but we also have a wide range of non-ferrous products that you might need for these places. You can find items like fiberglass, Monel sheets, brass pipes, and various other things. As we said, we want to be your go-to marketplace for all these items. So, you can get all these things from us.

    Hessian (Jute) Cloth for concrete

    Hessian cloths are great to use for concrete cooling. If you are in the construction business, you sure know how helpful these are. It is not possible to irrigate every hour after pouring the concrete. So, if you use jute cloth, you don’t have to worry about it every now and then. You can irrigate twice a day and stay tension free. These are good for the environment too as these save quite a lot of water. And needless to say, you save some water bills by using these.

    Neopropene Rubber Sheets

    Professional Tools and Trading Co. brings you best quality neoprene rubber sheets that you can use for weathering or use on gaskets and linings. As these are resistant to oils and inorganic salts, they provide a protection from various external products. You can find it in rolls that you can cut according to your size and length requirements. Besides, these are also flame retardant and can bear temperatures ranging from 30-degree C to 70-degree C.

    Polypropene/Manila Ropes (Size 5mm – 50mm)

    Polypropylene is great for use in water. As this material does not absorb water, oils, mold and most of the chemicals, the ropes made with these materials are great to be used in wet or moist environments. These are great for marine use. Besides, they also float. So, these can also be used in swimming pools for creating sections too. We have it available in sizes ranging from 5mm to 50mm. We also have the 3 strands and 8 strand versions imported from Korea. You can choose whichever fits your need.

    1. 3 Strand
    2. 8 Strand


    If you have to make products which require heat press in any of the processes, then Teflon sheets are a must for you. These are best for the screen printing process. Besides, if you have a garment industry, these are used in other processes too. Teflon sheets also make it convenient to stop paint bleed in shirts. Using these while ink deposits can help to make the perfect print on that clothing.  And for you, we keep the best quality Teflon sheets in our inventory. These are also available at an affordable price which makes it easier for you to buy.

    1. Sheets
    2. Rolls


    Bronze materials are known because of their strength and usability in heavy industries. We want that you can find all these products from one place. That’s why you can use different types of bronze materials like round bars and sheets. You can use the bards in hydraulic valves, pumps rods, fasteners and in various machinery parts. These are corrosion resistant, so these are easy to use in marine vehicles and machineries. You can get the sheets too for use in marine and aviation. These can also be used in bearings, gear parts, valves parts etc.

    1. Round Bars
    2. Sheets


    We also offer different types of brass products for you. You can find brass pipes that you can use in your water supply lines or the drainage lines. You can also use this for water supply connection, refrigeration lines and other places. You can also find brass sheets where you need a light but strong sheet. You can even cut these in different shapes and sizes to be used in various places. You can also go for the brass round parts that you can use in the manufacturing industry or automotive or construction industry. We also have hex bars in our inventory which you can use for decorative works or house wares.

    1. Pipes
    2. Sheets
    3. Round Bars
    4. Hex Bars


    Monel is one of the most useful alloys. And these are a little on the expensive side too. As they can perform much better than other alloys in highly corrosive environments but come with some expense they are mostly used where other alloys can’t perform that good. You can use these in the marine engineering industry, chemical industries, various machineries, pumps, shafts, heat exchangers etc. You can even use these for metal instruments too. We have it available in round bars and sheets. These are also a perfect fit for welding. So, get it from us and start using them.

    1. Round Bars
    2. Sheets

    Fiber Glass

    With fiber glasses made by the best professionals of the industry, we ensure that your needs are fulfilled, and we can give you the satisfaction you deserve. Our glasses are ISO certified and can be used in all the projects you need. You can find both rolls and sheets from us. Use it for your bathtubs or boats or roofing. You can even use it to make aircrafts if you are in that industry. As these are lightweight but strong at the same time, these are perfect fit for a lot of application

    1. Rolls
    2. Sheets