When you seek the perfection in your work, you need to polish your products and make them the smoothest and give them the nicest feel. There is no alternative to abrasives for that. As we always say, you matter the most and your products too. So, we keep the maximum range of abrasives in our stock too so you can use the one you need. We have different types of abrasives.

    Emery paper

    Emery papers are almost always a must to get the best finish possible. The first three types of abrasives are used for the main process, but the emery papers give the materials the finish it needs. It is a type of sandpaper that can be used for polishing or giving the final finish. But that’s not all. It has use in other places too. You can remove the corrosion of various materials or bring a little change in the size of woods or other materials using these. These can also be used to remove the paint of vehicles or houses. It has manifold uses. And it is used for both professional and personal use. Due to it being handy and very easy to work with, anybody can work with it at ease. To get the best result in polishing or cleaning up, these are go-to products.

    Cutting Discs

    The cutting discs are also like grinding discs with a few differences. Usually, the cutting discs are a tad bit thinner than the grinding discs. The grinding discs are usually used for heavy works. You can put some pressure on the grinding disc while doing your work and it would work nicely. But the cutting discs can not bear heavy pressure. They are used more for non-metal works where you don’t need to put heavy pressure. The cuttings discs are easier to work when the other materials are ceramic or tiles or marbles. It can be used on concretes too. As you can understand, cutting and grinding discs are almost alike but you need to be careful when choosing. Figure out the place where it will be used and then choose.

    Grinding Discs

    Grinding discs are also a type of abrasive. In such tool, the abrasive works like the teeth in a saw. But what is different is that in saws, usually the teeth are one only one side. But in case of grinding discs, the abrasive grains are spread all over. When these grains move hard against the materials, it cuts the excessive parts. Through this, the extra materials are removed, and the surface is smoothened. These discs are also available in different grades. The soft grades are usually to use against hard tool steels or carbides where the surface area is large. On the other hand, the hard grades are to be used for soft materials and places where there is low surface area. The soft grades can do its work faster than the slower ones. But the soft grade abrasives usually last for lesser time because of their use. While choosing, you should understand the requirement and then get the right ones.

    Flap Discs

    Choosing the right kind of abrasive is the most important part of taking the product to perfection. A flap disc is made up of multi layered overlapping abrasive materials. These are like flaps. So, that’s why it is called a flap disc. These are usually made with polyester or polycotton materials to which these abrasive particles are joined. These are attached to a backplate that provides the stability while grinding. Use these in various processes of metal fabrication to remove the excess materials and to smoothen the surface of the metals.