Welding Equipment

Professional Tools and Trading Co. has been providing all types of welding solutions in the country for quite some time now. Finding the best place to get the most efficient and high-quality products has always been our mission. And we plan to maintain this always. You can find welding machines, holders, rods, cables- everything here. Connect with us and get the products you need.

    Welding Cable and Accessories

    Fully insulated, these are high-quality slender cables capable of delivering electricity for welding materials together seamlessly.

    Professional Tools and Trading Co. has the goal of becoming the go-to marketplace for any kind of requirements. For this, we always keep all the products related to welding in stock. No matter what you need, you will find it here. We have high quality welding cables with high longevity and durability. Use them in any environment with ease. You can also find high quality cable plugs and cable lugs. We keep other products like earth cable and panel sockets too. We take off the smallest to the biggest of needs. If your welding machine needs a repair or change, just visit us and get to working again. Your satisfaction is what matters to us the most.

    Ignition Lighter

    Before starting to weld, you need to light up the welding torch if you are using oxyacetylene welding torches. These are usually spark torches. When you place it in front of the torch and turn it on, it creates a spark which causes the torch to fire up and start. These are also known as spark lighters because of how they work. We have a range of lighters in different sizes and powers to be used for welding torches. Use these and weld different products like jewelry, metals, aluminum, alloys etc.

    Welding Rod

    A simple, versatile, and effective appliance widely used in steel, pipeline construction, and the metal trade industry. Electrodes provide excellent durability to outdoor conditions and resistance to contaminants such as dirt and rust so you perform seamless welds on the go.

    The rods used to connect or join the metals using high temperature and passing of current are welding rods. Even these are of different qualities and you need to use the best ones to weld carbon steel, high carbon, low alloy, or high strength steel base metals. We offer premium alloy rods for high quality welding in metals, aluminum etc. As they are high in quality, they usually don’t corrode much and always perform good. Get the ones for your welding needs and offer the best quality products to your customers.

    Welding Holder

    The welding holder also known as electrode holder is used for connecting to the welding cable and conducting the welding current to the electrode. The insulated part of the holder is used to hold it and guide it properly. So, you can understand how important it is to have a holder which has been ergonomically designed to be held for a long time. It is also important that the front part has been properly designed for precision. We understand how important these are. That is why, we bring the best products from different parts of the world for you. The holders have been ergonomically designed using the best materials to ensure the best insulation and to avoid any kind of accidents.

    Welding Machines

    No matter where you are working, you always need the right machineries to get the job done. Welding machines are one of the most important machines required to join metals by melting them and make machines, pipes, and other equipment. We have been a company that has been in this industry for quite some time now and we know people have different needs for different jobs. And that is why we keep all types of welding machines in our stock. We maintain the trust you place on us and supply the best quality materials at the most affordable price. By bringing products from manufacturers around the world, we strive to be the go-to marketplace for welding products. You can just go through the site and order the one you require.