Pipe Fittings & Gaskets

If you are doing plumbing or water related or any gas related work, it is obvious that you work with pipe fittings and gaskets. The pipe fittings are used to connect the water or gas lines and the gaskets are used to seal those lines properly. To avoid leakage, gaskets are a must with the fittings. There are different types of pipe fittings and gaskets that you need to use at different places. And for that, we have a huge range of fittings and gaskets just for you.


    Gaskets can help to prevent any leakage between the pipe fittings. There might be little irregularities in joining connections. Using a gasket can help fix that and make that a leakage free connection. We offer you all types of gaskets along with the pipe fittings so you can get all solutions from one place. You can find gaskets having pressure endurance of 25 bar to 200 bar. These have been made with selected fibers and heat resistant binders for the best performance. So, you can take it for your home use and industrial use. We also have spiral wound gaskets. These are precision engineered to be used at flanged joints, manholes, boilers, and other high temperature and high-pressure environments. You can also find asbestos cloths and ropes for insulation. There is asbestos gland packing too that provides a physical barrier to leakage and offers you a leakage free solution for your fittings.

    1. All Types of CAF Gasket 
    2. Spiral Wound Gaskets
    3. Asbestos Cloths/Ropes
    4. Asbestos Gland Packing.
    5. Bronze/Aluminum Quick Coupler :   Couplers are quick connect options for industrial hoses, PVC suction hoses and PVC lay flat hoses. These are mostly used in irrigation facilities, construction sites, chemical and petroleum industries. Usually these can function in the temperature range between -150-degree F to 250-degree F. These are time saving options compared to flanges and they don’t even require any tool to fit. Besides, these are also lightweight and last for a long time. Aluminum is a lightweight option. On the other hand, bronze is heavy, but they are also better resistant to corrosion and temperature fluctuations.
    6. V.J. Coupling (Sizes 2” – 24”) : Professional Tools and Trading Co. always tries to bring you the best quality products from the best brands of the world. Along with other couplings, we have also brought couplers from the world-famous brand Viking Johnson. They are a world leader in terms of design and manufacture of pipe fittings and connectors. You can choose these for your water supply connection or for use in construction, petrochemical, chemical, petroleum industries. They have been proven to sustain in all types of environment and provide the best results.
    7. Rubber/Stainless Steel Flexible Connector : If the working environment has constant noise and vibration and you fear any type of leakage, you should go for flexible connectors. They can prevent the stress due to such motions. Besides, they can also prevent the stress of expansion and contraction, so you need not worry about changing temperatures too. These are great at compensating for misalignments. We have these in rubber and stainless-steel materials. You can choose any of it according to your requirements. And you can find these in all sizes from ½” to 24”. Professional Tools and Trading Co. always gives you the best products and this time, it’s no different.


    Mild Steel Forged Flanges

    If you want flanges with high durability and longevity which are also affordable, mild steel forged flanges are the best option for you. You can use it in shipyards, fabrication industries, oil refineries, chemical plants, textile industries and various other places. But they come with one problem, that is they can corrode and get rusted easily. So, you can use these in places where they won’t get contact with water or salted environments. We have different types of mild steel flanges available in our stock. You can choose the slip-on flanges which is like a ring placed over the pipe end. You should choose the weld neck flanges if you will use it in high pressure environments where the temperature can fluctuate a lot. These can withstand high temperature and can pass liquids which are volatile or hazardous. It can even work in the sub-zero range. And for closing the nozzles or openings, you should use the blind flanges. All of these are available in sizes from ½” to 24” and in different grades like- CL 150, CL 300, PN10, PN16.


    1. Slip-On Flanges : As made obvious by their name, these pipe flanges slip over the pipe. They are very cost-effective and durable appliances, and to this effect are popular choices for our customers. PTTC offers you a wide array of slip-on flanges.
    2. Weldneck Flanges 
    3. Blind Flanges : Used to stop the flow in a pipeline by using a solid disk, blind flanges are placed between open flanges creating a block, thereby stopping the flow of a liquid through the pipeline. They are considered to be highly cost and time efficient appliances when conducting pipe repairs. PTTC offers you a wide array of blind flanges.

    Stainless Steel Forged Flanges

    Forged flanges are mostly used as linking parts to create a network of pipelines for cylinders, pumps, and other devices like these. They can be used to connect sheets and structures which need strong connection points. When the flanges are made of stainless steel (SS 304 & SS 316), they don’t react much to the environment and stay strong and durable. These can be used for high pressure applications too. We have it in different sizes from ½” to 12”. You can use the large ones to fasten it to the base of the tubing. You can find it in PN grades 10 and 16. Besides, they can also bear up to 400-degree Fahrenheit temperature as they have CL-150 ratings.

    Stainless Steel Screwed Pipe Fittings

    When there is a lot on the line, one must be extra careful. Such is the thing with liquids and gases too. If you want to ensure zero leakage on the flow of liquids and gases, you should go for the screwed connections. Such type of connection ensures better seals and no leakage. Usually, they have male or female threads on them. When connecting, you have to connect them together by connecting the male and female threads and you ensure a secure line. These are mostly used for industrial grade lines. We provide them in sizes from 1/8” to 6” that have a pressure durability of 3000 PSI.

    Stainless Steel Buttwelded/Galvanized Fittings

    Buttwelded fittings are important for any connections. You might need to change the direction of flow or create new branches or attach an equipment. If those pipes are also best in quality, these make the fittings even more perfect. That’s why we also keep the stainless steel and galvanized range of fittings in our inventory. These would keep them from rusting and getting corroded and allow them to properly function in any environment. You can find them in SS grade 316 and 316L. You can also find them in grade 304 and 304L. And these are available in all sizes starting from ½” to 8”. So, you won’t have to bother about that too.

    Brass & Bronze Pipe Fittings (Sizes 1/8” – 4”)

    If you are in the market for some durable and long-lasting pipe fittings, you should try bronze and brass fittings for plumbing solutions. They can work in different environments and conditions. Usually, bronze fittings are the more durable one. They don’t let any mineral buildup in pipe. But brass fittings are not bad either. If you want to connect gas lines, air lines or water lines, then you can try these fittings for your industry or houses. Besides, you can also connect them with your water heaters as they do their job very well. We have it available in all sizes starting from 1/8” to 4”. See your house or machine specifications and choose the right ones.

    Buttwelded Seamless Pipe Fittings (Sizes 1/2″ – 24”, #40, #80 Grade A105, A234)

    For change of flow of direction, branching of connection or reducing the pipe size or attaching an equipment with the pipe, buttwelded seamless pipes are a great option. These pipes are made according to the ANSI standards. We offer these pipes in size ranges from ½” to 24” and in different grades. You can find carbon and alloy (A234), forged carbon steel (A105) material pipes in our inventory. Use these in heavy industrial pipelines or house pipelines. They can function properly in high pressure and high temperature environments. So, you need not worry about these too.

    Forged Steel Threaded Fittings (Sizes 1/8” – 4”, 2000 PSI / 3000 PSI)

    By bringing the best grade fittings of best companies, we promise to satisfy you with the quality. The forged steel fittings are made from the alloy of iron and carbon under high pressure. As a result, they are more tensile and have a fine grain structure. Their fatigue strength is also very high and has greater ductility. They have also been made according to ASTM standards. You can use these in power, oil, marine and construction industries. We offer forged steel threaded pipes in all sizes from 1/8” to 4”. There are two pressure grades of it too- 2000 PSI and 3000 PSI. Match it with your requirements and place your order now.

    Galvanized Steel Pipes (Sizes 1/4″ – 12”, Medium & Heavy Grade)

    For construction works, heavy industrial works, road works, there is no better option than galvanized steel pipes. We offer all types of galvanized steel pipes from sizes ranging from ¼” to 12”. And we offer them in two grades i.e., medium, and heavy grades. As these are galvanized, these won’t get rusted easily nor would they get corroded. The pipe surfaces have been covered with protective oil. You need not worry about the quality as they are according to TSE standards and have passed a lot of tests before coming here. If you are looking for pipes for medium grade works like construction of homes or other works, you can choose the medium grade and can go for the heavy grades for heavy industrial works.

    Galvanized Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings (Sizes 3/4″ – 8”)

    If you need pipe fitting for light industrial or plumbing use, these are the best for the job. They are available in two pressure classes, 150 and 300 which means it can bear up to 300 psi pressure. Malleable iron fittings are light which makes it easy to carry and setup. Besides, due to being galvanized, they can easily resist rust and corrosion. These pipes have been pressure tested before leaving the factory. They have also met all the ANSI and ASTM standards. So, you can use them worry free. They are available in all sizes from 3/4″ – 8”. Choose the ones you need.