Safety Equipment

Professional Tools and Trading Co. not only brings you the tools for your use, but we also try to ensure utmost safety for you. That’s why, we have brought for you our safety equipment ranges which can ensure your safety in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

    Cotton Rags white/colored

    Almost every factory and work sites require cotton rags for multiple purposes. Get it in white color or other colors and use it for all the purposes you need. As Professional Tools and Trading Co. wants to offer you all the tools and equipment for your industries and houses, we offer this in our inventory too. Get it now!!!

    Hand Cleaner

    For cleaning the grease and dirt from the skin without worrying of skin irritation, these are the best solutions. We offer the best quality hand cleaners to be used for industrial use which doesn’t cause any problems to the skin and cleans properly.

    Contact Cleaner

    Solvents used to clean different electrical items to save it from any kind of contaminations are contact cleaners. You should use these on your machineries and equipment. You can find this in our inventory. Just place and order and get it for you.

    Fluorescent Jackets

    Along with other safety equipment, we also offer reflective clothing which you should wear if you are working in the construction industry or do maintenance works on roads or highways. Besides, these are also necessary for working at docks or airports. As these increase visibility, these are important for places like these.

    Warning tapes

    If your workplace has a lot of people around and some dangerous work is going on, it is always good to use precautions. If you notify people using warning tapes, they can stay careful and you can avoid probable accidents with this simple step. And for that, we offer warning tapes to block any area for others to enter or to make people cautious.


    We never want you to suffer from any kind of cuts or hazards but if you do, we have gauges that can stop any kind of bleeding and keep that body area safe from any infection or contamination. It is always safe to keep basic first aid kits in the inventory. And why go to another place when you can get everything from us!


    We also offer gloves so you can hear them while handling chemicals or other materials. These can help you protect against burns or infections. Besides, we also have gloves to protect you from electric shock and hazards like these. Wear these and feel safe while working.


    If you are working in the chemical, biological, thermal or electrical industry or if you own one, you should get this for yourself and your employees. As these types of protection can replace the personal clothing and provide a safe and secure workplace environment. These are highly effective against chemicals or electric shock or fires.


    If a gear can protect your body from sudden accidents and has extra protection for chest, elbows and other places which might take the blow in case of accidents, why shouldn’t you invest in one? We know you should. That’s why Professional Tools and Trading Co. brings you jackets made from best protective materials which can protect you from unforeseen events like this.


    For any accident prone or working site, safety helmets are a must. Heads are the most important part, and you should definitely take care of that. It can save you from any falling objects by resisting any kind of blows to the head. It is always better to stay safe than be sorry. And we bring the helmets which have high resistance and can save the head from any injury.