Mechanical Instruments

Representing the world class manufacturers of cutting tools, bending tools, measuring instruments, we promise to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Our innovative technologies are the solution to all your measurement instrument problems. The products we serve are brought to you after long term tests and monitoring for the best results.

    Measuring Instrument

    We have been fulfilling your requirements honoring the trust you have placed upon us. That’s why you will find the most accurate and affordable measuring instruments here to cater to your Professional Tools and Trading Co. wants to be the one-stop solution for your tools. That’s why we make the most accurate instruments for your use. You can use these instruments for energy related industries, construction related, heating & cooling, food preparation related and various other industries. And the best thing is that you will get it at the best price in the market. We promise the long-term durability of every product we sell and it is no different here too. Satisfaction is our motto.

    Threading Tools

    If you are in engineering who always builds new machineries or in industries that produce a lot of tools that require threading, you have come to the right place. We offer all types of threading tools like thread cutters, taps, dies, heads, milling cutters etc. Cut the materials accurately with the specification you need with our tools. By using the best materials, there is one thing we ensure, that is, promise durability and precision. Try these for DIY projects or for your industries.

    Milling Tools

    Find all types of milling tools and get them delivered to your home from us. Whatever you need, be it end mill, face mill, ball cutter, slab mill or any other type, you can find it all. Now, drill through regular and irregular shapes with the same speed and convenience. You can even cut gears or product slots for other materials with these tools. If you are a student who needs this for your project, or a user who needs it for professional use, get all types of tools from us.

    Tapping Tools

    With the intent to serve the biggest of industries to the homeliest places, Professional Tools and Trading Co. brings the highest variety of products. If you need the basic tapping tools for drilling few holes for photo frames or for industrial uses, we bring the best quality tapping tools. These do not corrode easily, nor does it lose its power with extensive use. The tools have high longevity, so you won’t have to worry again a few days later. Get it and keep using it for years in your drills. We offer the toolset in different sizes according to your need. You just need to choose your one.

    Bending Tools

    We have been serving the country with the best bending tools for their industry and we hope to do that for your company too. You can get the best bending tools for high quality and difficult bending. Our products perform according to the exact specifications. Due to high quality materials being used, you will get the maximum durability and longevity. From our wide range of collection, you can choose benders of any sizes or brands. We not only promise to serve you, but also look forward to contributing as much as possible to your industry through our tools.

    Cutting Tools

    Professional Tools and Trading Co. is here with all the cutting tools you need. By blending our commitment and our people who find the best products from the best places and bring them to you, we promise to satisfy you. We are a leader in the marketplace for such tools. Our ranges consist of micro tools, milling cutters to the high-performance tools for cutting. We value the trust you have on us and we always strive to maintain it. Buy the ones you need for milling, grooving, threading or for hole making. Don’t wait anymore and get the best services and products in the cutting tools industry from us.