High Tensile Fasteners

In case of fasteners, high tensile steel is one of the best materials to be used. It can endure excessive stress and can hold on to components with high strength. These can be used in houses, vehicles and various other places. Usually, they don’t lose their strength or structure with time. So, it gives the assurance of extra safety in homes. Professional Tools and Trading Co. offers all types of fasteners. We have screws, stud bolts, washers, nuts, self-tapping screws, machine screws everything in stock for you. You can choose the type and quantity and you can get it delivered to you.

    Machine Screws

    Machine screws offer a wider range of applications. They are used to join countless types of products, objects, and surfaces. PTTC offers you a wide portfolio of machine screws.

    For machinery and construction, the most used screws are machine screws. They have a uniform diameter throughout and are threaded from the start to the end. They are designed with fine accurate threads.  As we provide you the best quality material fasteners, you can choose any of it without any tension. You will be able to provide the safest machineries and products to your customers.

    Self-Tapping screws

    A highly innovative product that can increase the speed of a job without sacrificing quality. These screws provide reduced preparation time and high durability and consistency on a range of materials. PTTC offers you a wide portfolio of self-tapping Screws

    If you need to connect bricks, woods, metals, self-tapping screws can be a great option. Self-tapping screws don’t need a pre threaded surface to connect as they are built in such a way that they can be used directly on surfaces. You just need to plug them on the drilling machine or automatic screws machines and turn it on. It would drill the surface for itself and would create the thread. These are very strong connections, but they come with a problem. That is, if you unscrew it, you cannot screw it back at the same place again. So, when you need a fixed solution for connection, use them. These are also available in all sizes and grades.

    Nuts (SS 316/304, Brass, Galvanized, Mild Steel, Cadmium Plated; All Sizes and Grades)

    When you are using screws, bolts, and washers, you need nut too. We even keep nut of all steel grades, other materials in all sizes and grades. You can tighten the joining of machineries using them and enhance the safety of joining when the surface of screws is not big. Those are mostly female threaded that fit on the male threads of the connecting screws or bolts. You can use them from connecting structural components and give them rigidity. Use them for engines, machineries, walls or fences and other surfaces.

    Stud Bolts (SS 316/304, Brass, Galvanized, Mild Steel, Cadmium Plated; All Sizes and Grades)

    We also offer stud bolt fasteners. These are usually headless and have external threads. You can use them to join one part with a tapped component and other part with the standard nut. We offer it in SS 316 and SS 304 grades. Make sure you understand the environment of use and choose after that. We also have brass, galvanized bolts in stock. Some are made with mild steel too. There are cadmium plated bolts available too. And the best thing is that they are available in all sizes and grades.

    Screws (SS 316/304, Brass, Galvanized, Mild Steel, Cadmium Plated, All Sizes and Grades)

    The screws are threaded fasteners that can be drilled in pre-threaded surfaces easily and two or more things can be joined with it. We provide stainless steel screws in two quality. The first one being SS 316 that has chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. The molybdenum is resistant to corrosion to chlorides. So, if the machineries are going to be used in watery environments or near the sea, it is better to use ss 316 grade. For other place, SS 304 is a great option. We also have brass, galvanized screws. Some are cadmium plated too. You can use the screws for houses, vehicles, machines or on any other products. And we offer screws of all sizes and grades. So, you just need to choose according to your need, and you are good to go.