Pneumatic Tools

Professional Tools and Trading Co. stocks a variety of pneumatic tools to perform various tasks. Our ranges include air hoses, cast iron and steel valves, control valves and different other tools. You can use those for your work or personal needs. We provide you the tools from some of the best makers of the world. We aim to be the go-to place for the best quality products at an affordable price.

    Other Pneumatic Tools

    That’s not all. We also offer other pneumatic tools. Have a look at our website and find instrument fittings, hydraulic valves, pneumatic cylinders, and other products from the best brand curated only for you. Find the one you need and just click on that buy button. Get it directly at your home and factory. Professional Tools and Trading Co. wants you to have the best of the products for your use. That’s why we bring high quality products at an affordable price only for you. We find the best alloys and steels across the globe and provide you with the best product. No matter what the size, we have it all. Choose the instruments suited according to the working environment to get the best outputs. Please make sure to match the temperature range and pressure range so you don’t face any problems.

    1. Instrument Fittings,
    2. Manifolds 
    3. Hydraulic Valves
    4. Pneumatic Cylinders



    Control Valve

    Professional Tools and Trading Co. has a wide range of control valves available to select from. We offer valves in sizes ranging from 1/2″ – 2”. Expect state of the art engineering and high-quality products at an affordable pricing from us. We excel in supplying valves with specifications like fire protection, commercial plumbing valves etc. Some of our products include-

    1. Solenoid Valves : Solenoid valves have seen a sharp increase in use in recent years. They are very useful for blocking external leakage and are particularly suited for mediums that are corrosive, toxic, and of high or low temperature. A highly cost-effective and energy-efficient appliance. PTTC offers you a wide array of solenoid valves.

    It is an electronically controlled valve that opens and closes due to an electric coil inside. When the direction is given, the electricity of the coil creates a magnetic field causing the valve to open. And when it is turned off, the electric supply is cut off and the magnetic field is stopped. You can use it for clean liquids and gases. Use it worry-free for irrigation, car washes, heating systems, etc.


    2. Reducing Valves :  A great appliance for controlling the flow and pressure of water entering your home or office facility. They ensure reliable and stable pressure, reduced risk of water leaks, and are highly energy-efficient resulting in savings on water and utility cost. PTTC offers you a wide array of reducing valves.

    If you want to control the air pressure or gas pressure, take the reducing valve for use. It even comes with a pressure monitor to monitor the flow. Adjust it according to your own need and ensure maximum efficiency.

    3. Relief Valves: These valves provide overpressure protection for semiconductor gas systems. They are designed to release excessive pressure that builds up in equipment and piping systems. Because of the critical nature of this device, it should be checked frequently for proper operation. PTTC offers you a wide array of relief valves.

    The relief valves from Professional Tools and Trading Co. can ensure maximum safety. By limiting the pressure in the system, our relief valves can stop incurring accidents or a machine failure. The relief valves can backpressure the energy flow and control it and ensure the maximum efficiency.



    Double-bolt Hose Clamps

    The double-bolt hose clamps made with plated malleable iron provides an efficient way of connection between two pipes or valves. If you want to loosen or tighten the connection, all you need to do is tighten or loosen the bolts. Due to these being reusable, you can take it from one connection and use it to secure other connections. As the inner surface of the clamps have a dual gripping ridge and bolt lugs, they provide secure connection and maintain the alignment. Don’t use any lubrication on them to get the best results.

    Mild Steel Forged Threaded Flanges

    Forged threaded flanges are made with high precision and have a better performance than cast flanges. This makes it an amazing choice for use in different industries. You can connect pipes, fittings and valves with it and stay tension-free.  You can use it in your factories if it has to perform in high temperature and pressure. We have it in both the types of threads.

    1. BSP Thread :  Even though it stands for British Standard Pipe, various countries and their machineries use this type of threading. You can easily use BSP thread flanges to connect the pipes and valves. If you do or want to do plumbing, this will be the best type of thread for you.
    2.  NPT Thread : If you want rigidity and pressure-tight connection, use the NPT thread flanges as it offers better results in case of rigidity. You can select from the tapered or straight thread series. We have all types of ranges available for you. Professional Tools and Trading Co. is determined to serve you with all types of products.



    Stainless Steel, Bronze, Brass Valves

    Professional Tools and Trading Co. offers a range of high-quality valves throughout the country. By offering a large assortment of valves like threaded valves, gate, globe, check and ball valves, we want to ensure you always get the one you need. You can also choose from stainless steel range or carbon valve range according to your requirements.

    1. Threaded : Ensure a compact and streamlines connection of the valve and pipe using our threaded valves. These are mostly female threaded end connections to connect the male threaded pipes. Best for industrial use where you need a secure connection, and you don’t have to change the flow from time to time.

    2. Gate : Gate valves would give you the option to stop or open the flow of liquids any time you want. You can easily control it and make sure there is no waste of the liquids you are using. As these don’t take up a huge space also, you won’t have to worry about the pipe connection space.

    3. Globe : If you want more control of the flow and want to make sure you can increase or decrease the flow, or completely open or close the flow, these types of valves are the ones you should get. By ensuring more control, you can ensure safety of the factories while production too.

    4 .Check & Ball : For controlling the flow of air or water through the pumps, you should get the check and ball valves. These are cheap but very effective in controlling the flow. These can be a great option for you too.


    Cast Iron and Cast Steel Valves

    No matter what the work is, be it plumbing in buildings or air-conditioning in buildings, or water and sewer line works, we have got the best cast iron and cast steel valves. These are available in sizes ranging from 1-1/4” –24. Having the CL-150 rating means that it can withstand temperatures up to 400-degree Fahrenheit without any issues. We even have varieties in the Pressure durability of 10 bar and 16 bar. Choose the one you need and get utmost satisfaction in your works.

    Air hoses

    A great air hose is invaluable – tools like air hoses are products that no one ever wants to replace. We are committed to providing our customers with strong, flexible, and durable air hoses manufactured by well-known and reliable brands. PTTC offers you a wide portfolio of industrial air hoses.

    1.  Twin Hoses :  The highly flexible twin hose is robust and lightweight. Simply connect the ends with machinery and they are good to go. It can transfer air and gas withstanding high pressure to. So, you can rely on them always.
    2. Reinforced Hoses :  If you need hoses which can withstand intense pressure, you should get reinforced hoses. We make sure these are properly reinforced following various techniques like braiding, spiraling, knitting, etc. Use these without any worries for your industry. 
    3. Level Hoses : Need hoses for carpentry, construction purposes? Get the level hoses to meet your needs. Measure the levels and build accurate products for your consumers.
    4. Argon Hoses : Weld those metals without any worries. Use the argon hoses available at Professional Tools and Trading Co. to do best quality welding. Satisfy your consumers and be satisfied yourself with our products.
    5. Rubber Air Hoses : If you want a heavy, strong, flexible and durable air hose for use, you should definitely go for the rubber air hoses. Industries have been using these traditional air hoses for a long time and they still rely on these.