Ferrous Materials

For construction and heavy industries, use of ferrous materials is a must. And for that, we bring materials like SS pipes, rods, wire meshes from countries known for producing the best. These products have been made with the best materials but also very much cost-effective, so it doesn’t cut a hole in your pocket.

    Wire Ropes

    For transmission of mechanical powers and lifting though cranes and elevators, wire ropes are a great choice. Besides, these can also be used in all types of industries. For your use, we have brought wire ropes at an affordable pricing. You can find the wire ropes of two types. The first one, the stainless-steel wire ropes have been made with high quality materials. These have been made with the BSMA29 standard which is the one of the best quality standards for wire ropes. Besides, they have passed through various tests which ensures they would be safe in all types of working conditions. You can use it in structural and architectural works, yachts, and various other places. We also have the galvanized wire ropes in stock. If you are in the port machinery industry, you should choose these types of wire ropes. Besides, you can also use it for elevators in houses, offices, factories, and all places. The galvanized wire ropes can also be used in the engineering machinery, petroleum, and mining industries.

    Wire Meshes

    Wire meshes are great for screens on windows and doors, room dividers, fences and plumbing too. These are usually woven metal fabrics which have small openings in between them. They have a higher flow rate compared to other materials and have no sharp edges. So, it also ensures safety. These are also very durable but that doesn’t compromise with its flexibility. And while weaving these, there isn’t any kind of punching or piercing in them, so their strength doesn’t decrease even a little bit. Professional Tools and Trading Co brings you high quality wire meshes for your use. These have been made with the best quality materials. And these are available in two grades in our inventory. You can choose the SS 316 which has a little higher rust and corrosion resistance than the other grade that is available, i.e., SS 304. But for welding purposes, the SS 304 grade would be grade. You can use these in your homes or industries or any other places according to your requirements.

    Threaded Rods

    Commonly available in plain steel, hot-dip galvanized and zinc plated. Each coating provides longevity, durability, and corrosion resistance against various indoor and outdoor elements they are subject to while in application. PTTC offers you a wide array of threaded rods.

    For construction purposes, threaded rods are the best kind of materials. These can be used to stabilize the structure of homes and can be put in the bases of high-rise buildings. Besides, they can also be used in the bases of roads and other structures. You can also insert them in concrete, wood or metals temporarily or permanently to create a structure. We have it in different sizes and grades. You can find SS 304 graded threaded rods which are resistant to rust. So, these can be used in places where it rains. We also have the SS 316L which has high resistance to corrosion. Besides, you can also check the galvanized threaded rods. These have an extra zinc rod coating which guarantees that it won’t catch rust or corrode for at least 50 years. You can use it in different structures and buildings and it would guarantee that the building will be strong and sturdy for a long time. You can choose anyone you need. All of these have been made by using the best materials and we sell only the best quality products in our stores.

    SS Pipes (Sizes: 1/2″ – 8”)

    Professional Tools and Trading Co. is the go-to marketplace for Stainless steel pipes. These are available in all shapes, diameters and thicknesses. We even have these different grades. You can choose the one you need from the wide range of collections we have. These products don’t corrode with time and they are rust resistant. You can use these for water treatment facilities, chemical industries, food industries, oil and gas companies and various other places. We have it in sizes ranging from ½” to 8”.

    You can find the 316 grade SS pipe which is more corrosion resistant compared with 304. We also have 316L which is great for a high temperature environment. Besides, we have the 304 SS pipe made by the alloy of chromium and nickel. We have the L series of it too and that is very good for welding uses. You just need to visit the site and place the order.

    1. Grade 316/316L 
    2. Grade 304/304L