Gaskets can help to prevent any leakage between the pipe fittings. There might be little irregularities in joining connections. Using a gasket can help fix that and make that a leakage free connection. We offer you all types of gaskets along with the pipe fittings so you can get all solutions from one place. You can find gaskets having pressure endurance of 25 bar to 200 bar. These have been made with selected fibers and heat resistant binders for the best performance. So, you can take it for your home use and industrial use. We also have spiral wound gaskets. These are precision engineered to be used at flanged joints, manholes, boilers, and other high temperature and high-pressure environments. You can also find asbestos cloths and ropes for insulation. There is asbestos gland packing too that provides a physical barrier to leakage and offers you a leakage free solution for your fittings.

  1. All Types of CAF Gasket 
  2. Spiral Wound Gaskets
  3. Asbestos Cloths/Ropes
  4. Asbestos Gland Packing.
  5. Bronze/Aluminum Quick Coupler :   Couplers are quick connect options for industrial hoses, PVC suction hoses and PVC lay flat hoses. These are mostly used in irrigation facilities, construction sites, chemical and petroleum industries. Usually these can function in the temperature range between -150-degree F to 250-degree F. These are time saving options compared to flanges and they don’t even require any tool to fit. Besides, these are also lightweight and last for a long time. Aluminum is a lightweight option. On the other hand, bronze is heavy, but they are also better resistant to corrosion and temperature fluctuations.
  6. V.J. Coupling (Sizes 2” – 24”) : Professional Tools and Trading Co. always tries to bring you the best quality products from the best brands of the world. Along with other couplings, we have also brought couplers from the world-famous brand Viking Johnson. They are a world leader in terms of design and manufacture of pipe fittings and connectors. You can choose these for your water supply connection or for use in construction, petrochemical, chemical, petroleum industries. They have been proven to sustain in all types of environment and provide the best results.
  7. Rubber/Stainless Steel Flexible Connector : If the working environment has constant noise and vibration and you fear any type of leakage, you should go for flexible connectors. They can prevent the stress due to such motions. Besides, they can also prevent the stress of expansion and contraction, so you need not worry about changing temperatures too. These are great at compensating for misalignments. We have these in rubber and stainless-steel materials. You can choose any of it according to your requirements. And you can find these in all sizes from ½” to 24”. Professional Tools and Trading Co. always gives you the best products and this time, it’s no different.