Mild Steel Forged Flanges



If you want flanges with high durability and longevity which are also affordable, mild steel forged flanges are the best option for you. You can use it in shipyards, fabrication industries, oil refineries, chemical plants, textile industries and various other places. But they come with one problem, that is they can corrode and get rusted easily. So, you can use these in places where they won’t get contact with water or salted environments. We have different types of mild steel flanges available in our stock. You can choose the slip-on flanges which is like a ring placed over the pipe end. You should choose the weld neck flanges if you will use it in high pressure environments where the temperature can fluctuate a lot. These can withstand high temperature and can pass liquids which are volatile or hazardous. It can even work in the sub-zero range. And for closing the nozzles or openings, you should use the blind flanges. All of these are available in sizes from ½” to 24” and in different grades like- CL 150, CL 300, PN10, PN16.


  1. Slip-On Flanges : As made obvious by their name, these pipe flanges slip over the pipe. They are very cost-effective and durable appliances, and to this effect are popular choices for our customers. PTTC offers you a wide array of slip-on flanges.
  2. Weldneck Flanges 
  3. Blind Flanges : Used to stop the flow in a pipeline by using a solid disk, blind flanges are placed between open flanges creating a block, thereby stopping the flow of a liquid through the pipeline. They are considered to be highly cost and time efficient appliances when conducting pipe repairs. PTTC offers you a wide array of blind flanges.