Wire Meshes




Wire meshes are great for screens on windows and doors, room dividers, fences and plumbing too. These are usually woven metal fabrics which have small openings in between them. They have a higher flow rate compared to other materials and have no sharp edges. So, it also ensures safety. These are also very durable but that doesn’t compromise with its flexibility. And while weaving these, there isn’t any kind of punching or piercing in them, so their strength doesn’t decrease even a little bit. Professional Tools and Trading Co brings you high quality wire meshes for your use. These have been made with the best quality materials. And these are available in two grades in our inventory. You can choose the SS 316 which has a little higher rust and corrosion resistance than the other grade that is available, i.e., SS 304. But for welding purposes, the SS 304 grade would be grade. You can use these in your homes or industries or any other places according to your requirements.