Air hoses




A great air hose is invaluable – tools like air hoses are products that no one ever wants to replace. We are committed to providing our customers with strong, flexible, and durable air hoses manufactured by well-known and reliable brands. PTTC offers you a wide portfolio of industrial air hoses.

  1.  Twin Hoses :  The highly flexible twin hose is robust and lightweight. Simply connect the ends with machinery and they are good to go. It can transfer air and gas withstanding high pressure to. So, you can rely on them always.
  2. Reinforced Hoses :  If you need hoses which can withstand intense pressure, you should get reinforced hoses. We make sure these are properly reinforced following various techniques like braiding, spiraling, knitting, etc. Use these without any worries for your industry. 
  3. Level Hoses : Need hoses for carpentry, construction purposes? Get the level hoses to meet your needs. Measure the levels and build accurate products for your consumers.
  4. Argon Hoses : Weld those metals without any worries. Use the argon hoses available at Professional Tools and Trading Co. to do best quality welding. Satisfy your consumers and be satisfied yourself with our products.
  5. Rubber Air Hoses : If you want a heavy, strong, flexible and durable air hose for use, you should definitely go for the rubber air hoses. Industries have been using these traditional air hoses for a long time and they still rely on these.