Stainless Steel, Bronze, Brass Valves




Professional Tools and Trading Co. offers a range of high-quality valves throughout the country. By offering a large assortment of valves like threaded valves, gate, globe, check and ball valves, we want to ensure you always get the one you need. You can also choose from stainless steel range or carbon valve range according to your requirements.

1. Threaded : Ensure a compact and streamlines connection of the valve and pipe using our threaded valves. These are mostly female threaded end connections to connect the male threaded pipes. Best for industrial use where you need a secure connection, and you don’t have to change the flow from time to time.

2. Gate : Gate valves would give you the option to stop or open the flow of liquids any time you want. You can easily control it and make sure there is no waste of the liquids you are using. As these don’t take up a huge space also, you won’t have to worry about the pipe connection space.

3. Globe : If you want more control of the flow and want to make sure you can increase or decrease the flow, or completely open or close the flow, these types of valves are the ones you should get. By ensuring more control, you can ensure safety of the factories while production too.

4 .Check & Ball : For controlling the flow of air or water through the pumps, you should get the check and ball valves. These are cheap but very effective in controlling the flow. These can be a great option for you too.