Screws (SS 316/304, Brass, Galvanized, Mild Steel, Cadmium Plated, All Sizes and Grades)



The screws are threaded fasteners that can be drilled in pre-threaded surfaces easily and two or more things can be joined with it. We provide stainless steel screws in two quality. The first one being SS 316 that has chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. The molybdenum is resistant to corrosion to chlorides. So, if the machineries are going to be used in watery environments or near the sea, it is better to use ss 316 grade. For other place, SS 304 is a great option. We also have brass, galvanized screws. Some are cadmium plated too. You can use the screws for houses, vehicles, machines or on any other products. And we offer screws of all sizes and grades. So, you just need to choose according to your need, and you are good to go.