Self-Tapping screws



A highly innovative product that can increase the speed of a job without sacrificing quality. These screws provide reduced preparation time and high durability and consistency on a range of materials. PTTC offers you a wide portfolio of self-tapping Screws

If you need to connect bricks, woods, metals, self-tapping screws can be a great option. Self-tapping screws don’t need a pre threaded surface to connect as they are built in such a way that they can be used directly on surfaces. You just need to plug them on the drilling machine or automatic screws machines and turn it on. It would drill the surface for itself and would create the thread. These are very strong connections, but they come with a problem. That is, if you unscrew it, you cannot screw it back at the same place again. So, when you need a fixed solution for connection, use them. These are also available in all sizes and grades.