Control Valve




Professional Tools and Trading Co. has a wide range of control valves available to select from. We offer valves in sizes ranging from 1/2″ – 2”. Expect state of the art engineering and high-quality products at an affordable pricing from us. We excel in supplying valves with specifications like fire protection, commercial plumbing valves etc. Some of our products include-

1. Solenoid Valves : Solenoid valves have seen a sharp increase in use in recent years. They are very useful for blocking external leakage and are particularly suited for mediums that are corrosive, toxic, and of high or low temperature. A highly cost-effective and energy-efficient appliance. PTTC offers you a wide array of solenoid valves.

It is an electronically controlled valve that opens and closes due to an electric coil inside. When the direction is given, the electricity of the coil creates a magnetic field causing the valve to open. And when it is turned off, the electric supply is cut off and the magnetic field is stopped. You can use it for clean liquids and gases. Use it worry-free for irrigation, car washes, heating systems, etc.


2. Reducing Valves :  A great appliance for controlling the flow and pressure of water entering your home or office facility. They ensure reliable and stable pressure, reduced risk of water leaks, and are highly energy-efficient resulting in savings on water and utility cost. PTTC offers you a wide array of reducing valves.

If you want to control the air pressure or gas pressure, take the reducing valve for use. It even comes with a pressure monitor to monitor the flow. Adjust it according to your own need and ensure maximum efficiency.

3. Relief Valves: These valves provide overpressure protection for semiconductor gas systems. They are designed to release excessive pressure that builds up in equipment and piping systems. Because of the critical nature of this device, it should be checked frequently for proper operation. PTTC offers you a wide array of relief valves.

The relief valves from Professional Tools and Trading Co. can ensure maximum safety. By limiting the pressure in the system, our relief valves can stop incurring accidents or a machine failure. The relief valves can backpressure the energy flow and control it and ensure the maximum efficiency.