Mild Steel Forged Threaded Flanges




Forged threaded flanges are made with high precision and have a better performance than cast flanges. This makes it an amazing choice for use in different industries. You can connect pipes, fittings and valves with it and stay tension-free.  You can use it in your factories if it has to perform in high temperature and pressure. We have it in both the types of threads.

  1. BSP Thread :  Even though it stands for British Standard Pipe, various countries and their machineries use this type of threading. You can easily use BSP thread flanges to connect the pipes and valves. If you do or want to do plumbing, this will be the best type of thread for you.
  2.  NPT Thread : If you want rigidity and pressure-tight connection, use the NPT thread flanges as it offers better results in case of rigidity. You can select from the tapered or straight thread series. We have all types of ranges available for you. Professional Tools and Trading Co. is determined to serve you with all types of products.